Build your contacts

Although I am relatively “new” to vintage selling, I have already
made several really useful contacts with people who are able to source
stock for me.  One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is finding and
buying stock.   I can’t though, be at every bootsale or charity shop. 
Timing (and luck) plays a  big part.
One of my first contacts (and
best) was a man called Paul I met whilst selling at Exeter cattle
market.  He was on the stall next to me and was selling off the contents
of his grandma’s house for silly prices.  I was unable to checkout his
stall when we first set up because both of us were inundated with
customers and I couldn’t leave my stall.  I huffed and puffed as I saw
fantastic bargains flying off his stall.  When things calmed down we
struck up a conversation.  He commented that I seemed to know what I was
doing and I told him what I did for a living.  He then told me he had
loads of stuff to still clear from his gran’s home including several
Fortnum and Mason’s wicker hampers.  His brother sends them every year
to the family and when all the food is gone the hampers just gather dust
in the garage.

Did I want them ?
Did I want them !  Is water wet ???
We agreed a price and true to his word he delivered 3 immaculate hampers the next day.  Result.
imagine how excited I was when he called me last week and told me he
didn’t get a F&M hamper this christmas but a Harrods one instead. 
Would I like to see it ?  It wasn’t normal wicker though, but a dark
seagrass with dark brown leather embossed lid.  Sounds fantastic, and it
is !  I took a peek on the Harrods website and much smaller hampers are
selling for £150-£200 !!
I paid a bit more than normal for this one but think it is worth every penny.


great size, it would look perfect in a modern living room, especially
one with brown leather sofas.  Use it for storage, as a foot rest, small
occasional table, toy box. Lots and lots of uses with a stylish look.


A bit out of focus, but this is the inside of the lid.  The hamper will be available for sale soon on my shop page .


have several other people who regularly contact me with treasure they
have for sale, all of whom I have met out and about on my travels.  From
the beautiful French girl who was in Devon on holiday and who now
sources French homewares for me, to the lady of a certain age who has a
house full of beautiful vintage china and homewares from the 1930s, 40s,

Don’t be afraid to strike up conversations with people.  You never know what it will lead to.


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