Force Charity Shop

One of the questions I am most asked is “where do I get my stock” . 
So I thought I would give you a peak into one of my favourite treasure
hunting shops is the Force charity shop in Heavitree.
I mentioned
them last week as they are always winning national awards for the amount
of money they bring into the charity.  Unilike many charity shops these
days who have jumped greedily onto the band wagon because of the
vintage trend, Force (mostly) don’t charge extortionate amounts for
their items.  Consequently the stock turns over very quickly, the
customers always have something new to look at and are happy with the
cost, and the shop gets lots and lots of lovely cash.
Sorry about
the quality of the photos I was trying to take pictures on my phone
without anybody either seeing or having their picture taken.


you enter the shop you have the till and the ladies, mens and childrens
clothes section.  Always lots of great bargains and most of the clothes
are sold for a flat rate of £3 unless deemed “special”.  All items are
always in great condition, nothing is smelly, rarely anything wrong with
them.  All clean and ironed before put out on display.  I recently
purchased a brand new pair of boots (with next label for £69 still on
the bottom) for £6 !!


the step and turn left you have the childrens toy and book room.  Lots
of lovely clean toys on sale and often many collectable items. 
Childrens books on sale for 20p each.


Out the door, turn left and you have walls lined with nic nacs, picture frames, toiletries, vases and more


a long room filled from floor to ceiling with shelves full of crockery,
ornaments, pictures, music section, teapots and more.


is where I get most of my plates from.  All the plates stacked on the
floor are just 10p each, bowls usually 50p.  You won’t find anything on
these shelves over £3.

room at the end (sorry didn’t get a photo ) is full of bedding,
cushions, haberdashery, buttons, fabric, knitting patterns and more.

up and off to the right, outside into the “lean to” is where small
pieces of furniture, garden wares, picnic bits, plastic homewares,
flowerpots and the 10p cups and saucers are kept.

Looks like somebody beat me to it on this day.  Not much to choose from.



This is what I found that day.  The brown cups and saucers out of the 10p box are Wedgewood.


there you have it.  I missed out the main book room and the front
display room which contains all the big pieces of furniture.  Sorry, but
as you can see its a real treasure trove.  I love it.

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