I did it !

After years of dreaming about owning my own shop, I actually sign on the dotted line on Monday !

received an unexpected call yesterday from the landlord of a property I
fell in love with when I saw it recently.  The shop was newly up for
rent but already had somebody else lined up to take over (luckily) for
me the lady still has a property to sell in France and wasn’t in a
position to move as quickly as I was.

Today feels a bit like the
morning after the night before.  I am feeling excited but really nervous
too.  This is is not a decision I have taken lightly.  I’ve given it
lots of though and looked at many, many potential shops spaces in recent

Can I make it work ?

Can I earn enough to afford it ?

Will people come and buy ?

What do I sell ?

How much do I rent space out for to other independents ?

How will I manage the childcare ?  Holidays ? Sickness ? etc etc etc

I know is the space, although tucked away at the back of town (Exmouth)
has so much potential.  Needs very little work to get it up and running
and has a wonderful sunny outside walled space !   My instincts said go
for it and so I have.

Here are some pics of how it looks at the moment.

I have big plans.

wish me luck …..

IMG-20130320-00453 (2)

The entrance

IMG-20130320-00448 (2)

Inside, looking from the back of the shop.  All the stock belongs to the current seller.

IMG-20130320-00445 (2)

From the front door looking back into the space

IMG-20130320-00441 (2)

IMG-20130320-00436 (2)

IMG-20130320-00438 (2)

My hubby with that “here we go again” look on his face.  He knows his considerable skills are just about to be called upon.

IMG-20130320-00432 (2)

The outside “walled garden”  can you see it !!! can you imagine how it might look ???


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