Painting time

Day one as a shop owner.
The realisation of what I have taken on has started to sink in.
one thing for it, get the paint brushes out and start painting. 
Luckily both hubby and Jacob were willing assistants today.
A lot was achieved.

East Devon-20130415-00532

makes a start on the awful pine counters.  I was going to throw these
but actually think with a little bit of a makeover they could be really
useful to store paint and other essentials.

East Devon-20130415-00536

Nigel makes a start on the wall outside the shop.  We are tucked away
from the high street so need to make the space as inviting as possible
for our customers.

East Devon-20130415-00538

First coat coming along well.  What do you mean, What am I doing ? I’m the boss!!

East Devon-20130415-00540

More painting….

East Devon-20130415-00549

bit more painting

East Devon-20130415-00551

Not a bad morning’s work.  Think I need to go home for a rest.


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