Ralph Lauren Denimware Thrifty Find!

Today I had possibly my best ever thrifty find !
A complete 20 piece dinner set of beautiful Ralph Lauren denimware for just £2 !
Yes, £2 !!!  10p per piece to be precise.
favourite charity shop has a policy of selling its plates, bowls, cups
and saucers for 10p each.  Their reasoning is they have so much stock
donated it allows them to turn it over quickly and make a good profit. 
and what a profit they make !  Consistently voted the top Force charity
shop in the country, they have won many, many awards for the funds they
bring into the charity.
Most of their stock is very reasonably
priced, although they are quite canny and do their research.  They have
experts in all areas and compare most donations on Ebay and the like
before they put it on the shop floor.  Most of the high value stock goes
off to auction and sometimes I will see an overpriced item in the shop
because they deem it “current”, but in the main it is a treasure trove
of bargains.
It has become harder to find good stock, but if you
have the eye and your timing is right you might just find a real gem
like I did today.
Discontinued in 1997 the Denimware range was
part of a collection called The Kate Reversed collection.  I believe
from the 1980’s and much collected today.


I adore the dark blue colour which closely resembles dark blue denim.





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