I am always on the lookout for companies who support independent designers and sellers.

One of my favourite online sites is who make it their business to cut out the middle man ensuring the best prices are available to the customer.  They do this by having no physical stores and by grouping together online orders every 7 days.  The orders are then placed with the maker/designer to go into production and therefore only making what is required.  Its a great idea and ensures the customer gets the best possible price for their piece.

You can normally save upto 70% on the high street retail value and the even better news is they currently have a sale on !

Some of my favourite pieces at the moment are :

Fonteyn Drinks Trolley  Today’s price £169 – Regular Price £239 – High street price £395

The Bowie Table Lamp Today’s Price £49 – Typical high street price £373

Kitson stools x 2 todays price £99 – Typical high street £320

I am looking for something a bit special for my hallway.  Think this might be on the shopping list, I love the industrial look of the Starkey Cluster Pendant light.

oh and just in case you were wondering, no this is not a sponsored post.  I am popping it on my blog because I just simply love this company!


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