It’s a wrap


Super effective and cheap finger print wrapping paper from Pinterest

Every year I promise myself I will get more
organised and every year I find myself sat on the floor late on Christmas Eve frantically wrapping presents and running out of paper.  Just in case this year, I checked out my trusty comfort blanket Pinterest for a little inspiration for homemade emergency supplies.

Embroider brown paper ! Genius.  Pinterest what a great idea and so easy to do.  Even I could sew this star.

Perfect extra gift for a child’s present and again so simple find it here – Pinterest

Brown paper and candy canes. Stylish and easy to do 

Use twine, cut up straws, print stickers on your computer and paint cheap wooden ornaments or buttons.  All adds up to unique and gorgeous wrapping paper. Pinterest

Adore these cheeky little guys. – Pinterest

I am terrible at tying bows.  This is a great alternative.  Love the little pegs too. Pinterest


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  1. Sarah-Jane K
    February 21, 2015 / 11:49 am

    These are brilliant ideas! I love the fingerprint one … so much more personal than just plain wrapping from the shops :)xxx#WeekendBlogHop

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