Wallpaper or Paint ?

Don’t get me wrong I am a confirmed lover of an all white home but sometimes, just sometimes I have a yearning for a bright, patterned accent wall.

I used to have one at the bottom of the stairs.  Beautiful brightly coloured birds in aqua and pink flew across the walls adding a stunning backdrop to all the white, but then, all too soon as far as my long suffering husband was concerned, I decided it had to go and I reverted to a  classic grey paint to bring a little calm back to the space.

I recently came a cross a website called “wallpaper from the 70s” isn’t that a fab name for a

 company !  It really does have a huge selection of vintage wallpaper  that brings back so many memories from my childhood.  All my childhood homes growing up consisted of bold, bright patterns, whether it was wallpaper or tiles.  I have photographs of my brothers and I dressed in clashing colours and patterns against a backdrop of orange and brown !  It got me thinking that maybe I could put a vintage style accent wall in the bedroom, now I don’t think I could go back to orange or brown but there are so many other options to choose from.   I have a  beautiful blue wardrobe that I painted in the room.  I’m really happy with it and it matches perfectly with the bedroom curtains, but I just feel the room never looks “cosy” as a bedroom should.  Maybe its wallpaper that brings that to a room ?

OK now I know the paper above doesn’t actually say “calm” and “serene” but wow! I love it and it would be a perfect match to the newly painted blue wardrobe. The wall I am thinking about putting wallpaper on is also behind our heads, so we wouldn’t actually have to look at it too much.  Does that defeat the object of a stunning accent wall, or is it about bringing the room together ?

I actually like the one above.  Maybe its not about the colour of the wallpaper you choose, but about the pattern and the texture ?   I really love all the choice of retro, vintage wallpapers on offer and this one is a little more subtle.

The current trend for botanical and green means there is so much choice available and I love the one above.  The riot of colour married with modern furniture and accessories is perfect.

Love this one too.  Think it would contrast beautifully with the blue and white in the bedroom and looks so clean and fresh.

This is a wonderful idea if you love a quirky approach to decorating.  This batik style wallpaper is sold in sheets of 12 to allow you to past it in any layout you want !

and this !  Just wow !  Am I converting to colour and pattern ….

Credit : All photographs are from the Wallpaperfromthe70s website


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