What is age appropriate dressing ?

Browsing through Elsie’s Attic, a gorgeous independent online store owned by Amanda Johnson, I started to think yet again about what clothes I should be buying now I am fast approaching 60!  Looking through the pages full of beautiful dresses with names like wiggle and bodycon, I was initially inclined to dismiss them out of hand.  Not because I didn’t think they were great dresses, but because I felt I shouldn’t wear them ‘at my age’.

But why? Is there a rule book that tells us what we should wear at what age? Maybe at some point in the past women were dictated to about ‘correct’ dressing, thankfully no more.

I decided to take a look at Elsie’s Attic because I know Amanda fills here store with pretty, feminine clothes and celebrates all that we are as women, regardless of our age, size or shape.  I am off to a ball next month and for the first time in forever,  I will have the opportunity to really dress up.  The first dress that caught my eye is this lovely black mesh vintage style swing dress.  I know, black.  A bit safe, but its my go to colour, I feel comfortable in black and I know it suits me.  Although deep inside of me there hides a rainbow girl, I have always been a ‘classic’ black dresser.

I do think its important that we discover what suits us and our personality and lifestyle, rather than what we feel we should wear for our age.  Dressing to your own style and personality will mean you are comfortable and happy in your clothes.  I love this navy blue crochet lace midi dress with pleated skirt.  It looks classic and stylish whilst covering up the tops of my arms (along with my tummy, my most hated body parts at the moment).   I would wear it with a navy camisole underneath.

I mentioned hating my arms and tummy and I know we are encouraged these days to celebrate ourselves whatever we look like, but most of us have areas we would rather cover up and there is nothing wrong with that.  If it makes you feel more confident, then do it.  One area I think many older women over look (probably because we never see them) are our backs.  I know for sure my back is GAWGEOUS!  So the dress above is my absolute favourite from Elsie’s Attic for the ball.  I would wear a backless bra with it and rock that ball feeling classy and confident. The front is plain and straight across the collar bone and if you wanted to, you could add a different belt.

I also love this jumpsuit.  Jumpsuits are everywhere at the moment and are not only flattering to all ages but are so comfortable.  Something I have found is vital as I have got older!  I am no longer willing to wear shoes that pinch my toes or clothes that feel like they are cutting me in half.    I was tempted back into a jumpsuit recently when I tried it on  just to see and found that actually, I looked pretty good in it.  When I posted a pic on my social media channels I received so many kind comments, it really boosted my flagging confidence.  So I would always recommend trying on that dress or outfit you like the look of on the hanger, you might just surprise yourself.

One area I often feel I don’t get right is casual weekend dressing. If I am off shopping I want to be comfortable for all that walking in and out of the shops but I also want to be nicely dressed.  I do enjoy casual clothes but feel as I have got older its hard to strike the right balance.   I recently bought my first pair of black jeans which I feel look smarter in the winter and would look great teamed with a Laganlook (layering clothes) style cape above. This one is available from Elsie’s Attic in several colours.  We are off on a multi city holiday next April, so I might invest in one of these to see me through what could be multiple temperature changes!

I often wear blazers, Breton tops and blue jeans in the spring and summer which is a look you can wear at any age. When it gets warmer, a Breton stripe dress like the one above from Elsie’s Attic,  is a classic alternative and works perfectly at any age.

All images from Elsie’s Attic

Just so you know, this is not a sponsored post, I just love supporting Independent Businesses.

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